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Welcome to the Doing Porridge Blog Posts. Here we will share blogs written during the project.

Blog 10: The history of Researching Women in Prison

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This month saw two important dates: International Women’s Day and Mothering Sunday. As March draws to a close, this blog from our placement student Maddy Hunt brings us a topical reflection on why women have been under-researched in this area…

Published 29th March 2023

Blog 9: The Impact of Covid 19 on Food in Prisons

Covid-19 has had an unprecedented and detrimental impact on society as a whole, but prisons  have been even more susceptible to the impacts of the pandemic. As identified by the World Health Organisation (2020:1) people in prison are …

Published 13th October 2022

Blog 8: Food in Prison: Report from a Roundtable Discussion held at the British Society of Criminology conference

The British Society of Criminology conference was held at the University of Surrey 29th June-1st July 2022. As part of the conference, the Doing Porridge team hosted a roundtable discussion on Food in Prison…

Published 7th July 2022

Blog 7: Prison Visits:  A meaningful space to reunite ties between prisoners and their loved ones

Prison visits can be of great importance, including in supporting rehabilitation and incentivising people in prison to maintain good behaviour. Visits can also …

Published 15th June 2022

Blog Post 6: Using Artistic Methods in Prison

In recent decades researchers have begun to explore how artistic methods can be used to conduct research (Leavy 2014). Artistic methods involve the researcher …

Published 20th May 2022

Blog Post 5: Observing Ramadan in Prison

Approximately 1.6 billion people worldwide fast during Ramadan (IOPG, 2019). Muslims all over the globe will have spent the last month taking part in Ramadan…

Published 28th April 2022

Blog Post 4: International Women’s Day

Our International Women’s Day blog discusses some of the reasons it is important to consider women in the criminal justice system, who are often overlooked…

Published: 8th Mar 2022

Blog Post 3: A Taste of Christmas Behind Bars 

As the festive season approaches, Amelia and Isabel reflect on some of the issues relevant to food in prison at Christmas…

Published: 17th Dec 2021

Blog Post 2: ‘Our Time‘ at HMP Send

Our placement students, Isabel, Amelia and Sophie reflect on their visit to the ‘Our Time’ Exhibition at HMP Send…

Published: 4th Nov 2021

Blog Post 1: Introducing the Doing Porridge Project

In our first blog post, we introduce the project and give a “taste” of what’s to come…

Published: 20th Sept 2021

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